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The Issues

I know what it’s like to have too much month left over at the end of the paycheck. Kansas families are hurting because of the governor’s failed policies. My priorities are based on our State Constitutional mandates:

Rebuild the economy

It starts with restoring our revenue stream, which will require a repeal of the disastrous tax bills of 2012 and 2013. A veto-proof legislature can do this.


Restore public education

The first issue in our State Constitution, public education is the cornerstone of democracy and our best return on investment to build our economy. Our children must be prepared to compete in a global market; funding must be restored to 21st‑century standards.

Repair the social safety net

Our children, seniors, and persons with disabilities have suffered enough. Families struggling to survive in the economy wrecked by the Brownback agenda need help. Kansans believe in helping their neighbor in times of need. We are only as strong as the weakest among us.

More about Susan

Susan is a sixth-generation Kansan who established her information management consultant  business 22 years ago. She lives with her husband, Bob Grover, two dogs and six cats, on a small farm that has been in the Fowler family since 1855.

Susan’s first career was in law enforcement communications at the University of Kansas Police Dept (now Public Safety). “To Protect and To Serve” remains a core value. Her experience of being part of something larger than herself was a natural for the farm girl who grew up watching the public service of her great-grandfather, a Lyon County Commissioner, and her grandparents and parents, who served their church and community in a variety of positions.

Susan’s business is based on a “people first” philosophy that goes beyond mere platitudes. She understands that Kansas government belongs to Kansans, and she agrees with the tenets of the state constitution for public schools, helping our neighbors, and paying our bills through a fair and sustainable tax system. Hers is an active professional service that customizes information products to the unique needs of her clients. She counts among her clients organizations in the fields of philanthropy, health care, and the law.

She has served as the law librarian of Lyon County for more than 13 years, earning a post-master’s certificate of legal information management in 2005. Understanding the law, its vocabulary, and basic tenets, has led to a deep appreciation for the democracy Americans enjoy and must protect.

Susan is running for the 17th District despite a breast cancer diagnosis early this year because she understands, and will dedicate herself to, protecting our constitutions and serving all residents of the district. She will fight for her constituents with the same determination that she fought and defeated cancer this year.

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