Lauren Van Wagoner, State Rep., 61st Dist.

Lauren_Low_Res.jpgLauren Van Wagoner is a Democrat that is passionate about Kansas and its current state. She is prepared to fight for every Kansan in her district with their concerns and issues. She puts public education, the budget, those who have disabilities, and veterans at the top of her list of items to address once she is elected. Lauren Van Wagoner grew up in rural Alabama where many proclaim, "Thank God for Mississippi." Mississippi was the only state that kept Alabama from ranking the lowest in school funding. Lauren does not want to see a day where people proclaim, "Thank God for Kansas."

Lauren Van Wagoner has been married to Colby Van Wagoner, a paramedic who serves Jackson County, for 9 years. She is a mother to 4 children, one of which has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She is the daughter of a 32 year retired veteran that served in multiple branches of the military and deployed many times in support of many different missions. Lauren moved to Hoyt, Kansas 4 years ago. Once here, she knew “this was home”, and has set her sights on making positive changes.

Lauren Van Wagoner is the cofounder of the Jackson County Parents’ Empowerment Group, a group dedicated to supporting parents of special needs children. Lauren is also involved in Amy’s Angels Ending Domestic Violence which is a non-profit group that organizes an annual Domestic Violence Awareness Candlelight Vigil in Holton, Kansas, and advocates for positive changes within the county. She is active in the local school district and is a member of the Royal Valley Site Council as well as the Booster club. She also volunteers with Tools for School, to help collect school supplies for low income students.

Lauren Van Wagoner joined Game on for Kansas Schools in March 2015 and walked 60 miles in 3 days for public education. It was a life changing event for her, and she knew then she wanted to be the voice for Kansans.

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