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If you have questions of the Pottawatomie County Democratic Party, its activities or the candidates supported, please respond below.

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  • Tona Ogle
    commented 2019-01-12 11:48:29 -0600
    My name is Tona Ogle, and I’m the Vice President of Operations for Skoth Transcription, LLC headquartered in Indianopolis with contractors in three states and four countries currently. We want and NEED this shutdown to end the right way – with our government working together to find a realistic solution that will benefit everyone. We’re a small business because we run ourselves lean and are not bound by ACA requirements because we only have a handful of actual employees. We use a wide variety of contractors and consultants. We value our employees and their communities. We show that by reinvesting every penny back into them making sure they have fair living wages and have what they need in this struggling economy.

    It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on. It’s pretty obvious that things need to change on both sides and change now before our country implodes from within. This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the views of Skoth or any particular employee/contractor other than myself. That’s what makes it such a great organization. We have a variety of opinions and come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, political and religious affiliations. We have something those in office today seem not to – respect for others opinions and a willingness to listen.

    Why am I writing this?

    Our legal adviser, Angela Adams believes as owners and operators of everyday small business we are the people from whom you might want to hear. If that’s the case, I’m available any time, 24/7, especially during the shutdown, as we have about 50 stakeholders waiting for the government shutdown to lift so that our work, mainly from government entities and government-funded nonprofits, starts flowing again. You’re more than welcome to speak to any of our people as well — employees, clients, and contractors. We’re not idly twiddling our thumbs either. We’re pounding the streets looking for new leads, drumming up business, and trying to make do while the government takes its holiday. As an American, I believe in hard work, even when our government officials don’t. In fact, if you happen to need anything close captioned, we’d be happy to provide our services at a discount! At this point, my employees and contractors have even agreed to hold out pay if they can afford to do so because we may not make payroll without more work coming in. Currently, the only transcription work we’re doing is volunteer for nonprofit causes we support, and we’re at least getting more time to do that than we usually do. It’s about the only positive thing to come out of this shutdown so far. Whether you want an interview or want some work done, I’m here, patiently waiting and working, ready when you are. So I just have one question for you: How can I help? Thank you
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