Meet Democratic candidates that will be found on the Pottawatomie County primary and general election ballots this fall. We have two candidates now but in the near future there will be more. Click one of the names in the dark blue candidate buttons at the top to learn more of the candidate's background and get an insight as to their vision for the future of Kansas.

Adrienne_1709-RetLowRes.jpg      AnnMah-LowRes.jpg      Tom_Hawk_2.jpg     

 Adrienne Olejnik                  Ann Mah                             Tom Hawk                                

 State Rep., 51st District               State Board of Education      State Senate, 22nd District          



Sydney_Carlin_-_LowRes.jpg        Jerry_Henry_and_Family.jpg

 Sydney Carlin                             Jerry Henry

 State Rep., 66st District                   State Senate, 1st District




    Susan Fowler                                                                       Lauren Van Wagner

    State Senate, 17th District                                                        State Rep., 61st District

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